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5 Circles Exam

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lørdag, maj 05, 2007

Last and least

- here are some random things to show.
My "have fun" tickets! Ticket to a band called Daft Punk, and my Roskilde Ticket (i'm going as Monty's "tour guide" this year it seems. We will also be sharing a team. Monty also doesn't drink, so now i have an allied in the war!)
And a picture of me. I have a little more hair now, but i'm going to take it all off soon. I miss my skull (kranie)
And me again at Israel's new place. He moved in with 3 girls from the school.
And Monty.
And Israel.
That's all for now, see you later.

My lastest works.

Here are my latest works. Of yhe most interesting are me recent flower works. I'm working alot from flowers now, although it took a few attempts to make it work.
This is one of the first attempts. But it didn't take my more than a day to find out, that flowers are living things. And these ones died in the night, before i gof further than what you see here. Too bad.

Also here, the end result is somewhat affected by the flowers either dying of living, and therefore moving. But it turned out ok i think.

And another one, although i think i have the finished version somewhere, will post it another time.

Now, here are my more recent attempts. This time, i bought some flowers in Føtex, instead of picking them in nature and from gardens, and these survive much better. Although it's still amazingly hard too keep track of the form of the flower, and the colours. Very hard indeed.
I'm doing another one of the same flowers, but moved the edge of the table. It seems to make the picture alot more 2D, and also focusing more on the actual flowers, and not so much on the rest.

And more flowers. Doing a little better with these i think. But now, looking at it this small, i see that the leaf in the buttom is way too yellow. The yellow and ochre in the top, the one that the actual flowers have, should dominate alot more, so i will have to correct it.
And this one is almost a classic after Artëm. At least, he did one of himself in the same pose, facing the other way. I spend alot of time doing this self protrait, but the angle was bad, so it hurt my eyes from looking down so much, and now i don't know what i want with it anymore. It's gonna go away for a while, and then i'll look at it again.
And this one explains itself i think. Don't seperate your head from your shoulders.
And this is simply a self portrait. A little crooked (skævt) but it fits with the colours.
And a scary picture. Maybe.

This is a more expressive, i suppose, way of doing the flowers. And more agressive also.

More flowers. Just made cloe-up.

This one is an old onw, i don't remember if i posted it before.

Active Jeppe

I'm quite active these days, and of course, i hurt myself being active.

So, i was trying to jump on a table outside with my legs together(sort of, in one jump), and i didn't get quite on the table, fell down, and banged my knees on the edge of the table. This is the result.

Unfortunately you can't really see the extent of the damage. There was (it's all healed now, happened weeks ago) about 1cm holes in my legs here. Hurt a bit, too.

And here i am with Monty, after we went climbing and jumping, we jumped in the lake. Which was pretty damned cold!
So we weren't in very long! Got up fast.
And got dry in the sun!
And here we are, climbing around stuff. Generally, Monty is a lot more fearless than me, and he is just about 15-20 kilo's lighter, and can do some more crazy stuff. But i think i'm ok now and then also.
See what i'm saying? He does some crazy jumps. This is way too high for me.
But i'm still there. Here i'm climbing, although it's not really very hard or dangerous, but it feels good.
And all the pictures of me jumping were very booring like this. I also jump cool, really, i do!

So, i think we're gonna go again tomorrow (these are a week old). Also, monday, the last day of teaching, me, Monty and a girl from here went to jump in the lake before school. We got up 6 o clock in the morning, and hit the water 6.45. THEN we were fresh. We're gonna do at again, too!

Working at the school...

...is over now. 2 weeks ago, Artëm returned, and took over, so now, me and my co-teacher Mads, are un-employed (so if anybody needs ANYthing done that involves money, please say so!). Artëm would like us to take a week each as guest teachers this semester, and then i'll find some work beside school. Hopefully.

Anyway's, here are some pictures.

Here is the class working.
Working still. Drawing each others feet or hands.
And working outside in the good weather!

mandag, marts 19, 2007

Computer buisness.

For a whole week, i was without my computer. The horror. But this shiny gadget saved my skin.

And here, i'm just about to install it into my computer. It's the powersupply, the feeds all the other parts in the computer with power.

Also, the DrawingSchool went to the zoo. Last tuesday. Aalborg zoo to be exact (yes, the also have zoo's in Jylland, but not as good as the one i Copenhagen). And, well, looking at this picture, i wonder, who're the real animals here...

Last, here is Monty's attempt at being a criminal. This is the logo for his and Maria's illustration group. He put them up all over town, just to promote(i guess).

Also on this sacred city statue of someone who's probablt important to the city.

Anyway, that's all for this time, people. I'll be home from monday the 26th to tursday the 6th.

Oh yeah. One, sad thing. Some of you have heard be boasting(prale med) of going to South Africa. I ended up cancelling this. It would cost me at least 10.000 just for transport, and also my vacation didn't fit with it after all. Too bad.

Painting Progress

So here is an update on my works. I'm now fully able to paint myself without looking in a mirror. This is my 3rd selvfportrait done like that.

And i read somewhere, that all painters has to go through a period where they copy of former painters. So, i thought, might as well get started. So here is something from Mondrian.

And here is something else... hmm... how was it. I remember, that one day, i figured out this connection between painting and poo'in(gå på lokum). I Don't quite remember it now, but it was there. The picture on the floor on the left is one of Britney Spears, which Artem has in his bathroom. If you followed the recent gossip, you can read this as "the fall of Britney Spears". If yo don't know what i'm talking about, ask someone.

And here is then my Van Gogh copy, or something. It's Ellens summerhat and a pair of her shoes. And it's also my mothers present(for last christmas). I sort of misplaced the last painting i brought her, in the train. Too bad. It was only a portrait, i have a lot of those anyway. But this one is for you mother. If you want it.

And something new i'm starting on. I'm also drawing this, at the same time. You'll see another time, when i've been working a little longer on it.

Anyway, this is the work for now.

Feb-march, and Robin Hood.

Hi people!
So, here will be a few posts showing me recent doings. First one is about bow-shooting.
Monty, my lovely friend and neighboor here, has bought a bow. Not just any bow, but THE bow. And he let me try it out. After both of us getting hyped(opstemte) for a long time just pulling back the bowstring and testing who could pull it furthest, most times(Monty didn't actually have and arrows at first, so we had to imagie that part), we we're like to small boys about to buy our first.....magazine.
And finally Monty got hold of some arrows he borrowed from a friend(and finally succeded in breaking ever one of them), we tried it out. Here are the pictures.
I might as well admit it: Monty is a lot better than me. But, well, it's his bow after all, and he's been shooting alot lately. I never tried it before, and have, up until now, shot 6 arrows in me life, all this saturday. So, here is Monty shooting.
And here is me, trygin to fit the arrow to the bow. Which is harder than you'd think.
I know i look like a pro and really forcused, but i'm actually thinking "what am i supposed to do now?". Shooting bow is complicated. Well, i shot, and i managed to hit the target, sort of, at least half of the shots. The rest went into the walls.
And here she is: Monty's bow.
Up close: what a beauty.
Thats all for bowshooting.